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An Innovative Process For Your Front Desk Colleagues To Become “Certified in the Heart of Hospitality”



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A Positive Front Desk Experience Is More Important Than Ever Before

Now more than ever, your guests’ experience at the front desk impacts the financial success of your hotel. In the past it was said that “an unhappy guest tells 9 or 10 others…”   In the era of online guest reviews and social media postings, those numbers grown exponentially. With most guests booking online, the front desk colleagues are truly “memory makers” for your “brand.”  

Now your front desk associates can be Certified in the Heart of Hospitality and achieve what is becoming a broadly recognized industry designation of CHH.  By engaging in this journey your colleagues will learn the essentials of front desk hospitality excellence and recognize that your company is investing in their personal career development.  

Unlike other lodging industry certification programs which involve taking a passive, online class followed by an easy-to-pass multiple choice online test, KTN’s CHH program is a highly engaging and personalized journey, which is essential for teaching intangible skills such as hospitality.  

Overview of The Journey

First, CHH candidates attend a private, one-on-one, live webinar (approximately 60 minutes) entitled “The 5 Pillars Of Front Desk Hospitality Excellence” delivered by our senior management staff.

The webinar is presented live via webcam; candidates are highly encouraged to also use a webcam. (If necessary, they can use a personal laptop, tablet or smartphone.)  After the webinar, KTN will forward self-study resources including a link to replay the recording of their actual private webinar along with the presentation slide deck.

Next, CHH candidates take an online CHH assessment, which includes a blend question types such as matching, multiple choice, true-false, and essay.  This is challenging, yet attainable, and they can retake the assessment as needed.

Finally, candidates demonstrate what was learned by having a supervisor make a video recording (such as on a camera phone) of them at the front desk as they role-play several assigned scenes. Recordings are then sent to KTN via a free Dropbox account or other methods for final evaluation and approval.

Thereafter, KTN immediately issues and mails the Certificate of Completion and Lapel Pin (pictured above) and those who are certified can use the designation “CHH” after their name on all professional documentation.

“Train-the-Trainer” Leadership Installation Webinar

To ensure we are fully engaging your entire team and ensuring long-term results, the “Train-the-Trainer” installation option starts your team’s journey to hospitality excellence with a 90 – 120 minute private, live webinar delivered for the top three managers responsible for the team. This is typically the Front Office / Guest Service Manager and their assistant(s).  Executives such as GM’s, AGM’s, and HR Directors are welcome to audit this webinar at no additional cost, however it is recommended that no more than 5 attend the webinar for facilitation purposes.

First, KTN’s trainers preview the "5 Pillars" and provide the leadership team with an opportunity to provide input and – if necessary - request any adjustments to the program content in order to match existing, in-house or brand standards.

Next, the webinar covers KTN’s "3M's of Hospitality Leadership." These include: Routinely Modeling the philosophies and techniques of a CHH every day, Mentoring and coaching the frontline associates, and Measuring the results, by using KTN's CHH Audit form.

Investment:  $995 Package Price.  Fee includes registration fee for 6 front desk staff to become candidates, the Train-the-Trainer Leadership installation webinar, and CHH certification for up to 3 front office / guest services leaders.  Additional colleagues can be registered as candidates at any time for the add-on fee of $99.

Registration and Scheduling

To begin the journey, simply notify KTN by email of your interest at Registration(at) Let us know whether you want to select the optional Train-the-Trainer installation or just  to certify your front desk staff. KTN will reply with an invoice for secure online payment with any major credit card. (Payment by check is also possible.)  Once payment is received, KTN will email a link to a calendar tool that makes it easy to schedule each CHH candidate for their private webinar during a time that fits their work schedule.

Questions?  (01) 954.533.9130 or info(at)

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