Front Desk Training

Revenue Optimization Strategies for Today's Front Desk Salespersons

KTN’s first program for hotel front desk sales training is entitled Revenue Optimization Strategies for Today’s Front Desk Salespersons. This paradigm-shifting workshop experience helps participants (and first level supervisors) understand the important role of the hotel front desk team in optimizing revenues and maximizing RevPAR, and for full service hotels and resorts, also impacting RevPAC or revenue per available customer.  

Participants come to understand their vital role in helping execute their hotel’s rate strategies on the frontline, during interactions with guests every day at the hotel front desk. This training track is perfect for organizations with strong leadership in the areas of revenue management and distribution and which are ready to integrate their strategies with the tactics used by the front desk colleagues. 

Topics include using channel conversion techniques to convince guests who booked via an OTA to book directly next time, upselling at registration, capturing walk-ins, securing return reservations, maintaining rate fences, cross-selling of revenue-generating outlets, identifying leads for the hotel sales department, and being otherwise receptive to all profit optimization opportunities.  Depending on your hotel’s location and market segment, the workshop content is adjusted to focus on the main areas of opportunity at your front desk.  (Note: This module can be delivered in conjunction with KTN’s Hotel Reservations QUEST sales training.)

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This hotel hospitality training program is presented in a half-day format.  It is a highly engaging and interactive workshop experience that is also fun for participants to attend.   

Contemporary Approaches for Upselling at Registration

KTN’s second program for hotel front desk sales is Contemporary Approaches For Upselling At Registration. Participants first explore that upselling at registration benefits all parties, including the guest who might not otherwise be aware of upgraded room types, such as if their reservation was made by a third party, or whose needs changed on the way to the hotel.    A menu of various easy-to-use techniques for hotel front desk upselling are then presented.  Besides upselling techniques, participants learn how to review the arrivals list and to recognize the best candidates for upselling, such as those who have pre-paid reservations and those with special requests. Participants also experience a “FAM Tour” of the higher-rated room types and/or suites. Finally, they have a chance to practice using the techniques through interactive role-playing exercises. 

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A pre-training consultation is held with managers to explore how to measure success at upselling and how to implement a staff recognition and/or incentive plan.

For first time clients, KTN trainers arrive prior to either of the above hotel front desk selling workshops for an introductory - familiarization meeting. We offer advice about measuring results of and how to set-up staff recognition or incentives for ongoing hotel training reinforcement as part of the installation of this front desk sales training program.  Advanced-level follow-up training workshops and individual agent coaching is also available for clients looking for ongoing support.

As with all KTN hotel training workshops, the content is customized for the needs of the client hotel or lodging company based on their market segment, inventory of accommodations, property type, revenue strategies, brand or company philosophies, and any unique operational needs.

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