Telephone Mystery Shopping

KTN's hotel telephone mystery shopping business model has been built from the ground levels to overcome some of the challenges with traditional mystery shops.  For example, to avoid voice recognition KTN uses a wide range of reservations and front desk mystery shopping callers representing the demographics of your actual guests.  For hotel sales mystery shopping we use a network that includes real-world meeting planners; shops for these departments can also be done via email inquiries and via meeting planning platforms such as CVENT and wedding planning sites. To ensure accuracy in scoring, we designate a Training Coach who is responsible for producing all of the mystery shopping call reports for your location.

Dual Scoring Model For "Quality" and "Technical" Performance (Optional)

If you have used a hotel reservations, front desk or sales mystery shopping “secret shopper” service in the past, you might have encountered a circumstance whereby the numerical (percentage) score of the shop call looked great at first glance; yet when you listened to the actual mystery shopping call recording the conversation did not go that well.  That is why KTN's mystery shopping service offers the option of having your Training Coach also assign a separate letter grade for "Quality," such as how well the hotel sales, reservations or front desk agent used the proven sales techniques to engage the caller in a conversational sales approach.  (Note that the "Quality" score is optional for clients who prefer a more traditional approach to telephone mystery shopping.) 

KTN's Team Works To Overcome These Challenges Of Traditional Mystery Shopping

  • Using call stories and scenarios that match your real-world callers.
  • Masking phone numbers if your agents have caller ID.
  • Targeting an even distribution of the number of hotel reservations or front desk mystery shopping reports per agent, per month.  Hotel group sales mystery shopping is generally easier to target to a specific salesperson.
  • Avoiding shopping over-flow call centers, unless otherwise asked to include their agents in the shop call reports. 

KTN also customizes its criteria according to the needs of the client lodging company or hotel.  If you have a criteria in place we can use that "as is."  Alternatively, KTN has a baseline hotel reservations, front desk and sales mystery shopping criteria which integrates with our KTN training programs. The criteria can be adjusted, meaning you can add, delete, or edit any of the criteria and definitions.

Rather than just reporting on what agent's did or did not do, KTN's hotel sales, front desk and reservations mystery shopping reports include coaching tips specific to each call, offering suggestions and specific examples for use during future calls.

Convenient "Push" Delivery Via Email Links To Checklists And Audio Recordings

All KTN hotel reservations, front desk and sales department mystery shopping reports are delivered online.  As soon as your designated KTN Training Coach scores the shop calls, you will receive an email that includes a link to view online the checklist results and coaching tips for that specific call report.  You can also follow a link to download and then play the actual telephone mystery call recording, which is a vital component of any effective sales coaching process.

Detailed Trend Reports Including "By Agent Trends"

As soon as the last mystery shopping call has been scored and reported for the month, your KTN Coach will then push-out summary reports to the designated distribution list, so that busy executives do not have to log-in to see results.

A Personalized Video Training Tip Of The Month

Each month your team will receive a personalized video training tip, providing suggestions for improving any needs areas as identified by the summary reports and personally commending those who did well. Email us for a sample.

Fees and Terms

The base fee for KTN's hotel front desk and reservations mystery shopping varies according to the format you select. With our standard format, we call when targeted agents are most likely to answer and make additional attempts if necessary. These reports run $29-$35 per scored call report, depending on the complexity of the mystery shop.

KTN also offers a "Shop the experience" option at a slightly lower rate. With this option KTN's mystery shoppers complete the report for whoever answers during designated shifts and time ranges. These run $25 - $29 per scored report.

Pricing for hotel sales department or hotel catering sales mystery shopping services varies greatly according to the complexity of the sales reports needed and also the type of shop (voice, email or meeting planning platform inquiry.) These typically run $99 to $139.

To receive pricing information and a proposal you can reach our corporate offices in Davie, FL between the hours of 9am and 5pm Eastern Time Zone at 866.922.4662 or via email at: Info(at)  The base fee for KTN's hotel front desk and reservations mystery shopping varies according to the format you select. 

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